News from the Library: May 2017

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in April, I sat in the garden reading a book of essays about why books are so important. One contributor, Jeanette Winterson, claims ‘not to be a mountain climber or even a hill walker’ but found herself absorbed in the Cairngorms whilst reading The Living Mountain. ‘A book is a door; on the other side is somewhere else.’ With this in mind and to coincide with the talk by Mark Evans about crossing the Empty Quarter, the world’s largest sand desert, I have put together a collection of books, ‘Explorers and Expeditions’. From your bed, armchair or sun lounger you can be taken on an adventure ‘somewhere else.’ I hope you all have your tickets for Mark’s talk which is on Friday 5 May at Mary Webb School. It will be an amazing event to raise funds for the friends of the library and Pontesford Hill.
Due to the bank holiday Story Time will be on 8 May at 10.30.
The Library Owl

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