Stiperstones National Nature Reserve Woodland Appeal

We have been given the opportunity to buy a piece of woodland adjacent to the nature reserve, which we are calling Bergum Wood as it is where Bergum Mine was situated. This is the first time we have run an appeal for donations and is a bit of an experiment, but we are hoping to raise £12,000 which is the cost of buying the land. The woodland at present is conifer plantation, which if we don’t buy it is likely to be felled and replanted with a similar crop, with little benefit to wildlife. We are hoping to fell it and allow native broadleaf woodland to develop. This will link up existing areas of oak woodland along the Stiperstones road, where birds such as pied flycatchers and restarts nest and where dormice can be found.
As the area of Bergum wood is 1.25ha, the maths tell us that £1 buys us 1 square meter of wood.
It is easy to donate to help support our restoration efforts by making a donation on line at or Text / SMS donation: To donate £5, text NENG001 to 70970 To donate £10, text NENG001 to 70191.
You can also help by publicising our campaign (see attached poster, or share our Facebook page).
Simon Cooter

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