Flower Club: April/May ’17

West Shropshire Flower Club Open meeting was held at Westbury Village Hall in April with Donald Morgan and ‘Designs for you’. An entertaining, informative, flower and Easter-cake-filled evening. Starting the evening with an extremely large oval willow basket we were treated to a continental design with twisted willow creating movement, spruce for texture and leaves in various shades of green. To this was added tall blue agapanthus, purple liatris, pink phlox, and blue magic iris and finished with yellow tulips to enhance the foliage. Stunning. Tall white longiflorum lilies were added to a silver trophy, filled in with Anastasia white chrysanthemums, white carnations, conifer, and euonymus to contrast with the white and silver. The final arrangement was a harp with two placements each were filled with twisted twigs, cotoneaster, orange carnations, peachy orange lilies, Anastasia green chrysanthemums and red carnations. Completed with white and pink orchids in the bottom and yellow and red in the top placement. Wow.
On the afternoon of Wednesday 28 June the Club will visit Stokesay Court and Walled Flower Garden. There will be an additional charge for this visit.
Val Chilton

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