University of the Third Age: Pontesbury and Rea Valley District

Our Branch awarded full U3A membership
Since its formation in March 2017 the Pontesbury and Rea Valley District Branch of the U3A has had what is in effect probationary status. We formed a Steering Committee of eight persons whose main purpose has been to guide the branch to Full Membership of the U3A.
After rigorous examination by officers representing the national office of the U3A we can now announce that The Pontesbury and Rea Valley District U3A has been awarded full U3A membership. The Steering Committee thus becomes the Executive Committee for the branch until the annual elections take place in 2018.
The national officers gave particular praise for the rapid growth in membership of the branch and the variety of subjects being pursued by the interest groups.
The first action of the Executive Committee is to thank every member for their contribution and support in achieving this Full Membership. We now need to maintain and build on the momentum we have achieved!
Timetable of Group Activities and Interests
Day                     Morning                                Afternoon
Monday             Family History                     Art History
•                          Walking <3miles                  Table Tennis
•                          History
Tuesday            Birdwatching/                       Local History
•                          Natural History                     Painting and Drawing
Wed’day           Geology                                   English Literature
•                                                                           Gardening and Garden Visits
Thursday          Italian
•                          Walking 2 (6+ miles)
Friday               Astronomy
Theatre Trips are arranged as appropriate.
Just to remind you: you pay a small annual fee to join the U3A. (Persons joining after 1 September this year will pay just £7.50.) No other payments are made for any of the group activities and interests, no matter how many you join.
Committee members can be contacted as follows for other questions:
Group Coordinators: Merle/790028; Jane/792500
Membership Secretary: Hugh/790430
Publicity, other information: John/790403
Business: Steve/793817
This is your local U3A. It will be what you make it.
John Balmond

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